As the husband of a 3rd grade teacher, Richard Stuart understands that a great teacher can make a lifetime of difference in every child's life. He is committed to recruiting and retaining the best teachers so that our children can excel. Public education is the backbone of our community. We are safe and prosperous if our schools are strong and our children have an education of excellence. As our State Senator, Richard Stuart will ensure that our schools have the resources to provide a top-notch education and accountability for performance.


Families should not have to plan their lives around congestion. Time spent sitting in traffic means time from our families, diminished productivity for businesses, and loss of the quality of life that makes living in Virginia so great. As our State Senator, Richard Stuart will deliver the resources to congested areas in the 28th District that we deserve, and fight to maintain the rural character of the Northern Neck while improving traffic mobility and safety.


As our State Senator, Richard Stuart will use his experience as a land use attorney to reduce sprawl and maintain the character of our communities and our quality of life. Transportation needs must be addressed as we grow - not after we have outgrown our roads.


As a former prosecutor, Richard Stuart will work hard as our State Senator to strengthen our judicial system, and enact laws to keep our streets and communities safe. As the father of three school-aged children, Richard understands that we must protect our children from predators and allow them to grow up safe from harm. 


Legal immigrants seeking opportunity in our free society have made America what it is today. We honor legal immigrants when we ensure that our laws are followed. As our State Senator, Richard Stuart will not support the use of a single taxpayer dollar being spent on services for those here illegally, including in-state college tuition. In addition, he will support an agreement between the State Police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to give a certain number of troopers expanded immigration enforcement capabilities to include arresting undocumented individuals. Our government should not reward or encourage illegal behavior.


As Chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources Committee, Richard is a strong conservationist who is committed to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay and other area waterways, as well as maintaining the health and preservation of our forests and farms.


Having served in the United States Marine Corps and as an avid hunter,  Richard is a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights and will continue to defend these rights in the Virginia General Assembly. 


Richard Stuart believes in the sanctity of life and, as your State Senator, will vote pro-life. He believes in the public display of the Ten Commandments because it is the very foundation of our law in this country, and he also supports the right to pray in public. Richard Stuart believes that marriage is between one man and one woman, and will oppose any effort to repeal the marriage amendment.